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image description When I started yoga in my early twenties etc etc All postures in the Moksha sequence combine therapeutic and traditional yoga in a specially-heated room (98F and 35% humidity). Each class is cardiovascular, and it strengthens, loosens, and tones the muscles. The heat allows for deep, safe stretching and detoxifies the skin, blood and muscles. All levels always welcome. Happy Camper Athlete

upcoming Events

  • Wild Card Class

    This is your opportunity to amp up your practice with this 75 minute master class prepared by your favourite teacher. With everything from myo-fascial release to yoga philosophy you’ll be able to dive deeper into the practice than ever before! Check the current schedule to see what topic is being offered.

  • Modo

    A dynamic system of postures and breathing exercises specifically designed to be practiced in the heat.

  • Modo with music

    A challenging, healthy all-level hot yoga sequence linked with breath set to great music.

  • Modo with live music

    A Modo class accompanied by live music. As awesome as it sounds.

  • Modo Flow

    The Modo sequence is linked together with vinyasa flows.

  • Hot Flow

    A dynamic journey through vinyasa inspired yoga poses synchronized with the breath.

  • Modo Level 2

    A challenging and healthy intermediate hot yoga sequence with a short meditation and an extended savasana.

  • Yin

    Long, deep holds to relax and restore joints and muscles.

  • Yang & Yin

    Begins with posture sequencing and some vinyasa flow to warm the body and awaken your energy followed by powerful Yin yoga to open the body.

  • Community Class

    Yoga class taught by a new teacher or a teacher who is expanding the styles of yoga they can teach. $7 or Free for unlimited pass holders.

  • Karma Class

    A regular Modo class offered on a donation basis. All proceeds of your generous donations go to local charities.